Microbiology Careers – Education and Skill Set Requirement

Microbiology Careers – Scope

Microbiologists work in public health and play a major role during epidemic out breaks, natural calamities or wars. They also test water, milk and other food substances to check for pollutions and harmful chemicals in it. Some of the other areas of microbiology include marine microbiology, agriculture microbiology and industry including chemicals, tanning and food processing among others.

Education Requirements

Eligible candidates should have a doctorate to be a microbiologist. You can also major in microbiology as an undergraduate. Though bachelor degree holders in microbiology get jobs, mostly these are in the lower ranks like technicians with no or little scope for promotion. They will be working in diagnostic laboratories mostly. On the other hand, the doctorate degree holders can get into coveted positions like research fellows or as administrators.

There are handy online degree courses as well for those who wish to earn while they learn. You can also refer the college directory of your state to know the colleges offering microbiology courses

Job Openings

Online job openings, newspaper adverts and campus recruitment drives are some of the most popular options to get placed as Microbiologists. Eligible candidates can also apply directly to the various openings in government and private sector.

Promotional Scopes

Microbiology is a vast are and the employees with doctoral degrees can become directors of medical research centers or professors in universities. It is estimated that the demand for microbiologists will increase than many other job streams till 2014 thanks to the increased government budget and grants for research projects. The top rank positions like research fellows will see a hotly contested contest as more candidates come to the fray as the number of advanced degree holders are also increasing steadily.

Microbiology careers are expected to be in huge demand in the coming years as research studies to find vaccines for many diseases like AIDS are receiving never before attention all over the world.The State University website offers useful guidance and tips from the reputed author Michael Russell for prospective candidates where you can gather all the relevant information on the microbiology careers and courses from reputed universities.

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